Radi Abd El Jawad's Poem, Features of Dawn

الشاعر راضي عبد الجواد - الخميس 2 / 04 / 2015 - 11:02 مساءً تصغير الخط تكبير الخط

Radi Abd El Jawad's Poem

Features of Dawn

Why don't you weep while in the cage

The slaughterer cuts your leather?

Why don't you feel so much of rage

Why does the beam not look bitter?

Full of the festers in shackle,

You see the features of the dawn

And when the owl croaks you chuckle

As if delighted by the tone

But when the tormentor derides

You sulk in anger and defy

And when the whip so harshly hides

You give the answer to the "why"

That's all because he'll have to pay

And every yoke will die away.

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